The question everybody’s been asking us all year! when is black friday 2013The waiting’s over and it’s official, it’s going to be the biggest online, and offline, shopping event in history, with more retailers than ever fighting for our pounds in the run up to Christmas.

And… this year’s Black Friday UK will begin on November 29th.

When do the Black Friday UK 2013 (and Cyber Monday) Sales Begin

Well sites like Amazon and Gap are already running one-day special offers, with an eye to early-bird Christmas sales shoppers.

But you can expect the big sales to begin on the 25th November, which is 4 days before the official start, with online activity reaching fever pitch by the end of the week.

The savings will continue all weekend, and into the start of the Cyber Monday week, which launches on the 2nd December.

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Pre-Christmas Sales – What a Great Idea, Tell Me More

Pre-Christmas sales are a relatively new phenomenon here in Britain, with most stores traditionally  waiting until after the holiday before offering any bargains. But the financial crisis, coupled with the boom in online shopping, and the ability to find cheaper prices from foreign websites, have forced stores in the UK to fight harder for our custom.

That’s great news for us British shoppers, and means that from November 29th Black Friday UK 2013 will be in full effect.

How long does Black Friday Last?

Sounds like a dumb question, but Black Friday UKBlack Friday Deals actually lasts for at least 3 days, and usually a lot longer – often right up until Christmas Eve, or even the annual Boxing Day sale.

It’s all part of the way modern shopping is evolving, and while the biggest savings are certainly found on the internet, many of them come from High Street names including Debenhams, Asda, B&Q. PC World. Sock Shop, Thorntons and even designer brands like Tommy HilFiger and Urban Outfitters.

The catch is that the best deals are usually only made on their websites. But the good news is that you can easily keep track of them all in one place – From right here.

We’re the only site that brings together all the top British High Street brands in one place, making your job – of finding a pre-Christmas bargain or two – much easier than spending hours surfing the web, trying to locate the best deals yourself.

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BlackFriday-UK is the place to find all the best deals this year. Between now and the 29th November we’ll be adding fresh links the moment they go live.

It doesn’t matter when is Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2013

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 Black Friday UK 2013

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Happy shopping and have a great Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas.

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