What is Black FridayWhat is Black Friday. That’s a fair enough question and the answer is it has to be one of the best things to have come out of America and make it across the Atlantic to Britain.

It’s certainly one of our favourites, because it means plenty of bargains for everyone, on all sorts of things, from TVs to Towels and Toys.

So exactly what is Black Friday

While the marketing men would have us believe the term Black Friday comes from that point in the retail calendar when store owners can realistically expect to move into profit. Out of the red and into the black. Truth is, that isn’t what is Black Friday by a long shot…

Because, there’s actually a slightly darker side, although it still features bags of shopping goodness. That’s a story that came out in the early eighties, as Black Friday became an established shopping day, which fell at the end of the annual Thanksgiving Holiday in America.

But it turns out that the name Black Friday has an altogether darker history, recently revealed in The Daily Telegraph, which dates back a little longer.

Because the term apparently begain life in the mid sixties, when it was used by a police chief in Philadelphia, who took a rather dim view of the chaos his men faced controlling the thousands of shoppers flocking to stores in search of a bargain.The later explanation came about as traders and retailers decided they needed one of their most important shopping days of the year, to be seen it a better light.

So by the mid-80s, the story had been re-spun into the current one, that it’s the weekend shopping bonanza, when store owners, who operate at a loss for most of the year, move into profit. Everybody was smiling and Black Friday became a well established date, that kicked off the Festive shopping season.

A Really Black Friday

Until 3 years ago that is. Because 2008 saw three violent deaths that sent shockwaves through the world of retail. (sorry, I’m struggling to keep a straight face as I write this)

In the first incident, a Walmart employee in New York was trampled to death as crowds surged through the doors at 5am.

A few hours later, Black Friday’s blackest hour was surely marked by the shooting of two men across the country in California.

Of course, these are occasional incidents, although we’ve seen nothing so serious in the UK, it does have its dangers. Just like Boxing Day sales, often the scrabble for a bargain can lead to a scuffle, which is probably why seasonal online sales are becoming more popular every year

What is Black Friday and what does it means for shoppers

Simple. A growing number of British retailers are joining in the fun. And that means sales, sales, sales. In America, stores start early, often opening at 4 or 5 in the morning to cater for the crowds. Not sure that will ever happen here, and to be honest, we’re not that bothered.Everyone knows the best place to bag a bargain these days, is no longer on the High Street, fighting it out with the masses.

Oh no, it’s right here on your desktop. So make yourself a cuppa, close down the Twitter and Facebook for a minute and take a look at the latest early bird Black Friday online deals…

Still Not Sure What is Black Friday?

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