Black Friday Sales in the UKUK Black Friday Sales traditionally begin on the same day here, as they do in the States, one day after the Thanksgiving holiday, which always falls on the fourth Thursday in November.

And Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season.In America Black Friday is associated with special promotions and short term discounts used by retailers to kick start the festive shopping season over a holiday weekend. It’s incredibly popular, and last year American consumers spent around $10 billion dollars on the day.

UK Black Friday Sales Explained

UK Black Friday SalesIn Britain, a growing number of retailers are using the popularity of Black Friday to advertise their own special offers. In 2010 credit card companies reported a sharp peak in spending during the the last weekend of November.

This year more stores, especially online retailers are expected to join in and promote UK Black Friday Sales.That means us shoppers can use the day as an opportunity to make a start on our Christmas shopping and save a packet.

But don’t worry about queuing up for hours, leaving home at the crack of dawn or fighting it out with other bargain hunters.

Savvy buyers will be staying home, logging on and grabbing the as they pop up online.It’s so easy to save a fortune on your Christmas shopping if you know where to shop and exactly when to buy. That’s what we’re here for at is all about and we’ll be bringing you the news as it breaks throughout November and December.

UK Black Friday Sales are here to stay

Big online players like Amazon and Apple have been offering seasonal deals online for a year or two now, as have a stores like Gap and Toys’R’s, who also operate in the States. Both offered a week long sale at the end of November 2010.But this year, with the High Street so desperate for our cash, as the economic gloom continues, more stores than ever are expected to join in and offer some kind of Black Friday offers, in an attempt to stimulate shoppers and generate some seasonal interest.

How to find the best UK Black Friday sales

These days, most retailers offer exactly the same discounts on their web sites as they do in-store, usually with free delivery included too. So why bother going to all the hassle of trailing round the shops looking for a good deal when you can do it all from the comfort of your own desktop?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably got quite smart about your Christmas shopping and noticed that if you hold back many shops have short sharp sales beginning on the 22nd December or even later. But this year, for the first time ever, the cheapest prices and will begin on November 21st, with the main shopping day falling on 25th, a full month before the big day!