Super Thursday Book SaleHot news for bookworms, with the Super Thursday Book Sale now under way over at Amazon UK.

The annual event, which sees in time for the Christmas shopping season, looks set to be more competitive than ever this year, with publishers desperate to make up for what’s been a terrible year sales wise.

With new titles from Jamie Oliver, Alan Sugar, Steve Coogan, Robert Harris and Lee Evans all set to battle it out in the Christmas book sale battte, this year looks to be one of the most competitive on record, which is great if you like a bargain.

The Amazon Christmas Book Sale Is On

Dubbed the Super Thursday Christmas book sale, by publishers, around 225 new hardbacks have been unveiled this year, each one looking for the highest profile launch in a bid to reach the festive best seller list.

Jamie Olivers new book, Jamie's Great Britain, is sure to be a hit this Christmas, but for a linited period you can buy it half priceJamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Great Britain is expected to be among the front runners and has received enormous promotion by publishers Penguin, who are currently offering early birds the chance to buy Jamie’s new book for less than half price – £9.99 instead of £30!

Anna Valentine, the head of Harper’s non fiction division, who will be selling the new Steve Coogan book, a fictional autobiography of Alan Partridge, titled I, Partridge. We Need to Talk About Alan’, is prepared for the fight and is anticipating to sell around a million copies of the book before Christmas Eve.

She revealed yesterday, that customers will be able to buy I, Partridge. We Need to Talk About Alan , which is half price and has to be a bargain.Of course, the publisher’s headache is our chance for a bargain, and with best sellers in this year’s Christmas Book Sale shifting over a million copies over the three months between the start of the Super Thursday Book Sale and Christmas Eve, it’s not surprising that they’re prepared to flog a few half price books on Amazon to generate a little early buzz about their titles.

Other Titles in the Amazon Christmas Book Sale

The Life of Lee, by comedian Lee Evans. Described as a frank and hilarious autobiography. Alternatively, buy Robert Hardman’s ‘Our Queen’ for half price and you get what one critic describes as ‘the definitive Portrait of Queen Elizabeth’.

Old fashioned word of mouth is still the best way to sell a book, according to Graeme Neill, news editor at The Bookseller, who says it’s essential for driving sales in the crucial final quarter of the year.

For the publishers it’s make or break time, but if you know you’ll be buying books this Christmas, and let’s face it, who won’t be, the offers are almost too good to be true in the Amazon Christmas Book Sale, plus similar offers can be found all year round.

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