new Alan Partridge bookBuy the new Alan Partridge Book this Christmas and save up to 50% on the recommended price.The new Steve Coogan book, ‘I Partridge. We need to talk about Alan’, looks all set to become the Christmas number 1 this year.
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Coogan’s hilarious new Partridge biography is a warts and all look at the life of one of Britain’s favourite chat show hosts, in a career that has taken him from local radio, to the heights of hosting his own BBC TV series and ultimately back to local radio in his native north Norfolk.

The New Alan Partridge Book is a Real Blast

new Alan Partridge bookVery much a presenter of the old school, don’t expect too much political correctness in the new Partridge memoirs, as he speaks his mind on the problems facing Britain at the beginning of a new decade.Talking frankly about his chronic addiction to Tobelerones, the relationships that have fashioned his life, and his work as a presenter and sports journalist Alan talks about happiness, the depression that nearly marked his demise and of his wedding, and subsequent marriage to wife Carol, a relationship that almost took him to the point of no return.

Expect stories about the tragic death of an interviewee on air, his rejection by the BBC, the wilderness years and a life full of the ups and downs that so many of us have charted on television.

Bottom line is, that ‘I Partridge. We need to talk about Alan’ is one of the funniest comedy books in years, about a character whose language and mannerisms are now influencing a second generation of audiences, and are familiar to us all.

The . It’s the perfect stocking filler this holiday season and is sure to be a hit with all the family.

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