The new Harry Potter Box Set, and special limited edition Harry Potter Collections are sure to top the list of 2011 BlueRay and DVD best sellers. But with so many new movies getting their release ahead of the festive season, there are some fantastic film bargains around.As usual, the cheapest DVD and BlueRays are over at Amazon. It’s worth remebering that all the major retailers have an Amazon store, and prices are always the lowest you’ll find, especially in the run up to Christmas. So here’s a very quick look at what’s on offer and where to find the best deals on the new Harry Potter Box Set and all your favourites.

Harry Potter Box Set to top film deals on Black Friday

Seems like he’s been around almost as long as the internet itself, but this Christmas the all new and complete Harry Potter Box Set DVD collection is expected to be one of the hottest offers this Black Friday this year.

The boy wizard’s final outing, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, released earlier this year, marks the end of the road for Harry, Ron and Hermione, who finally get to finish their battle with the evil Valdemort and conclude the series with what has been described asthe best Harry Potter film so far.

To mark the event, expect lots of deals on Black Friday, and in the run up to Christmas, not just on the DVDs themselves, but also the Harry Potter books and all kinds of Potter-abilia, as this could be their last outing for a while.

The Harry Potter Box Set deals on Black Friday

Harry Potter Box SetWith the film itself not released until the 2nd December, the market is set for a huge rush, especially on the limited edition, individually numbered Harry Potter Limited edition box set, which contains no less than 19 discs. Including both DVD and BlueRay versions of all the films, plus more than 5 hours of exclusive footage including in-depth profiles of the film’s stars, extra scenes and never before seen interviews with the actors, and author JK Rowling.

The Harry Potter box set is sure to be one of the top selling films in the pre-Christmas sales, but it’s just one of the many remastered and repackaged film series that will be on offer this year.

Anyone ordering (Films 1-8) ahead of it’s release on the 2nd of December, will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of the first 1000 (individually numbered) copies.

That means you have the chance to own what’s set to become one of the most precious pieces of Potter memorabilia for fans and film collectors alike.

More Film Deals on Black Friday

deals on Black FridayPirates of the Caribbean Box Set Films 1-4. Available Now

Other notable additions include the latest instalment of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, which completes the bundle, together with bloopers, games and lots of buccaneering extras.


Lord of the Rings Box Set Out Now

Elsewhere, the ever popular Tolkien epic, has been remastered onto BlueRay, with a massive 26 hours of additional material, making it a real must for collectors.

And closer to home, a couple of the most sought after box sets expected to be offered up in special deals on Black Friday, and in the run up to Christmas are British.

The Downton Abbey Box Set

Already one of the most popular costume drama shows of the last 30 years, Downton Abbey has been a surprise hit for ITV, drawing massive audiences with its first two series, which are now available as a 2 disc box set.

The perfect Christmas gift, for anyone who loves historical dramas.

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