Cyber Monday

cyber monday uk
What is Cyber Monday. That’s easy, it’s the beginning of the pre-Christmas sales season, with dozens of online retailers launching massive promotions in an attempt to lure in us shoppers and generate some festive buzz.

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Why Cyber Monday

The name actually comes from the day when shoppers traditionally begin searching online for their Christmas presents and the big ticket items they’ve been coveting all year.

When is Cyber Monday?

Officially it begins on the 1st December, and runs right through until Christmas Eve. It’s basically the time when shops get rid of end of line or excess stock, plus a few door busting mega deals.

It’s all about bargains and finding a great deal.

cyber mondayWith the holidays just round the corner, the two week period between the end of November and the beginning of December is the time when most of us start thinking about buying new TVs, Computers, Games Systems and Cameras, as well as all the gifts we’ll be giving our loved ones for the big day.

And as so many of us are ready to part company with our hard earned cash at this time of year, it’s only to be expected that the retailers will be lining up to offer us their best deals. And that’s what is Cyber Monday all about.

We’re here to show you exactly where the best bargains are and when to pick up the best deals.

+ Cyber Monday Deals Online – Updated every 15 minutes
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When is Cyber Monday 2014

cyber monday 2011When is Cyber Monday, that’s a trickier question to answer, because experts and boffins tend to disagree. Analysts maintain that the busiest online shopping day of the year over the last decade or so has been the fist Monday in December.

Either way, what makes the Cyber Monday sales a better proposition for bargain hunters is that the pace is a lot more relaxed than Black Friday. Because rather than a one day bonanza, this is a sale that only really ends when the stores close their doors on Christmas Eve.

And that gives everybody plenty of time to bag a bargain, without the fear of someone else nabbing it from under your nose. So sit back, relax and browse the site, we’ll show you exactly where the best deals are and exactly how to guarantee you pay the lowest prices on everything in the pre-Christmas sales 2012.

It doesn’t matter when is Cyber Monday. The best deals are all here