How to Save up to 60% on Christmas Books

It’s that time of year again when publishers start promoting Christmas Books and telling us what we need to be reading, or at least buying, this festive season.

But with the country struggling to make ends meet, and many of us facing one of the hardest holidays ever, it’s good to know that you can find many of this years offerings at half price or less on sites like Amazon as well as instore at places including Waterstones and WH Smiths.

Don’t believe me? You can buy the new Jamie Oliver Book, ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’ right now, over at Amazon, for just £10, a saving of £20 on the recommended price of £30.

But which Christmas Books are a hit, and which ones will be left by the tree until New Year?

With so many bargain books around, you’d be crazy to pay full price for hot titles like Jamie’s Great Britain or the hilarious new Alan Partridge ‘biography’ by Steve Coogan, which have both been heavily discounted ahead of Christmas.

So to help you decide which of the 225 new titles released in time for the festive period, are hits, and which ones are quite frankly little more than hamster cage lining, we’ve compiled our own list of the top ten Christmas Books available.

But here’s the clever bit for bargain hunters and fans of Black Friday UK. All of the books in this year’s Christmas best seller list are currently available at hugely discounted prices.

That means all this years most popular books for Christmas are available with big savings. In some cases as much as 70% off the original price/

Browse the complete selection below, and grab a bargain while you still can, but remember, the top books for Christmas tend to sell out fast, or at least the discounted ones do, so speed is of the essence with this one gang.

The Top Ten Christmas Books on for 2011:

1. Steve Coogan – ‘I Partridge. We need to talk about Alan’. RRP. £20. Buy now for £10
Steve Coogan’s new book, the fictional biography of his comic persona Alan Partridge, is bound to be close to the top of this year’s list. ‘I, Partridge. We Need to Talk About Alan’, is the long overdue fictional life story of Britain’s favourite ‘chat show host’, Alan Partridge.
Buy the new Alan Partridge book for half price here

2. Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Great Britain. RRP £30. Buy now for £20
Jamie’s back with his latest collection of dumbed down recipes for us all to spend the next twelve months struggling to repeat. Sure to be a hit, especially as Jamie’s focussing on modern reworkings of classic British foods.
Buy Jamie’s Great Britain here and save 66% on the recommended ticket price
3. Robert Harris – The Fear Index. RRP £18.99. On sale now for £8.50
The Fear Index is a chilling tale in the best tradition of modern thrillers, which tells the story of a software genius who creates a threat which could cripple the planet. Fast paced and eminently readable, this is Robert Harris at his best. Gripping and impossible to put down.
The Fear Index is available at less than half price here, from just £8.50

4. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – River Cottage Veg Every Day. RRP £25. Buy now for £12.50
Writer, chef and campaigner Hugh returns with a delicious and healthy collection of brand new, vegetable based recipes. Family favourites like Bubble’n’Squeak are giving a radical new twist, along with easy to follow recipes, designed to get the family eating healthy.
Save 50% when you buy ‘River Cottage Veg Every Day’ here for just £12.50

5. Lee Evans – The Life of Lee. RRP £20. Available now for £10
One of Britain’s favourite comedians Lee Evans is now a Hollywood star, but this funny and moving biography tells the real story behind the funny man. From sadistic teachers to endless dead end jobs, Lee’s story is both hilarious and moving.
Buy ‘The Life of Lee’, by Lee Evans here and save £10

6. Paul Scholes – My Story. Rrp £19.99. On special offer at £10
Manchester United anchor man and inspirational midfielder Paul Scholes is one of the most private men in football. Admired by fans everywhere, this is the first time Scholes has spoken on the record about his life and career as one of the game’s most celebrated and award winning professionals. From his life as a youth player to his leading role as one of Sir Alex Fergusson’s star players, this is the warts and all story.
Save yourself a tenner and buy ‘Scholes – My Story’ for half price here

7. Gary Neville – Red. My Autobiography. RRP £18.99. Buy now for £9.49
Another football biography, and another Old Trafford regular revealing all in time for Christmas. Described as a sensational and brutally honest peek into life at the world’s most famous club and also Neville’s off pitch life with friends including David Beckham.
One of the better football books available this year.
You can buy Gary Neville’s Red at half price, for just £9.49 here.

8. Robert Hardman – Our Queen. RRP £20. Order now for £10.80
Insider anecdotes, personal stories and what is already being called ‘The definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth’, royal author Robert Hardman offers a combination of deep knowledge and first class story telling. One reviewer has claimed ‘Robert Hardman knows the true story and tells it superbly.’
Find ‘Our Queen’ with almost 50% off here

9. Sean Ryder – Twisting My Melon. RRP £18.99. On sale for just £10 here.
Happy Mondays frontman Sean Ryder is a true rock star, whose music inspired a generation of party people. A life filled with spectacular highs, monumental lows and all the things you’d expect from one of rock and roll’s real hall of famers.
Expect drugs, genius and of course, the jungle…
Buy ‘Twisting My Melon’ by Sean Ryder with 45% off here

10. Rob Brydon – Small Man in a Book.
Best known for his incredible impressions, Rob Brydon is a multi-award winning writer, comedian and presenter whose hot series, Marion and Geoff and The Rob Brydon Show, tickled the nation’s funny bone. This is the story of how a young man from a small Welsh town spent half a life becoming an overnight success.
Buy Small Man in a Book and save 50% here.

More Christmas Books to look out for.
Our list is by no means exhaustive and with over 225 new books for Christmas this year, there are sure to be a few surprises closer to the big day.

Whatever books you like, you could save anything from 30% to 75% on many best sellers, and get them delivered free, by heading over to the Amazon book store. To make things as easy as possible, follow these links to browse the latest titles in popular categories.