Black FridayNew to Black Friday. Well you’re about to find out how you can use the biggest shopping event of the year to grab a bargain and slash your Christmas shopping bill this year.

With Black Friday coming exactly one month before Christmas this year, retailers will have to get consumers shopping early, rather than counting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday plus the few remaining weekends in December to provide most of their sales.

Black FridayBlack Friday – What to Expect

Online retailers, as well as bricks & mortar stores with websites, have the advantage here as they can quickly prepare and promote online sales leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’ll have all the sales and deals on the site, so do follow us, either here or over on Twitter and Facebook, for all the breaking deals and latest offers before they go live everywhere else.

Top Black Friday Tip: Stay in the Loop

We’re expecting stores to continue embracing social networking this Black Friday, as a part of their strategy for the holiday season. Look for exclusive deals and contests on stores’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, at very short notice.

Again, the moment we know offers are available, we’ll be posting up the links, to help you beat the crowds and get in there first – so another good reason to stay tuned to .2011 has been a bad year for the High Street as we all know, so we’re quite sure they’ll be making up for lost sales with short ‘snap’ sales and deep discounts across all departments, to make up for the lackluster sales they’ve had the rest of the year.

Black Friday 2011 – Likely Trends

Black Friday 2011We’ve been contacted by a high number of retailers who want to make sure their holiday sales are posted on the site, way more than last year, when for the most part everyone ignored our emails and requests for Black Friday information. Looks like they realised what a great idea having a pre-Christmas sale is.

One likely trend is that this year, retailers will be holding lower stocks. What that means, is unfortunately the best deals will sell out very fast. The reason for this is that many shops simply cannot afford to buy and store the vast piles they once did, and with less consumer demand over the last twelve months, few are willing to take the risk anyway.

Something else we’re likely to see is another extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday pre-Christmas sale period. Amazon UK have already indicated that their initial sale will begin five days early on November 21st and last right up to the last minute.

Again, the current state of the economy means that the stores are desperate to get us spending, which in turn means we can expect flash sales, mega discounts and an all out price war in the run up to Christmas this year. That’s great news for us shoppers.

Even better is the fact that many of the best and biggest savings are actually more likely to appear a week or two after the official start of , as High Street shops and online retailers realise they have less than a month to try and make up for one of the worst shopping years the UK has ever known.