Black Friday UK and Cyber Monday

Black Friday UK 2013Black Friday 2014 UK Sales Start on 28th November and Cyber Monday is on 1st December

black friday 2013Don’t miss Britain’s biggest ever online shopping event, as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday pre-Christmas sales begin in force with many big British retailers planning to launch huge earlybird festive offers this year.

It’s great news for British shoppers, and means we’ll all be able to make some big savings on the things we always have to buy at this time of year, including presents, household goods, kitchenware and festive decorations.

But it’s big-ticket items like TVs. Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones, where the biggest savings are most likely to be found.

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What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday all about?

The annual bargain-fest is a recent import from the USA, where it’s traditionally marked the start of the busiest shopping period of the year, since it began back in the 1970s. Used by big stores to ‘kick-start’ the festive spending spree, the sales themselves often last for more than a single day, stretching over the weekend and in some cases, right up until the 24th December.

The whole Cyber Monday / Black Friday UK thing is relatively new on this side of the Atlantic, with pioneers like Amazon, Apple and Gap starting the trend back in 2009. But it’s been picked up fast by many other British retailers since then, and has seen rapid growth over the last 4 years.

This year it’s going to be bigger than ever, that’s for sure. Bargain hunters, you really do not want to miss this one.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 in the UK – Christmas shopping has changed forever

when is black friday 2013It’s always been the case here in Britain that the big retailers, wait until after Christmas before discounting their prices. But the recession coupled with a boom in online shopping, means more of us are looking for bargain presents and special offers ahead of the festive season, not after it.

With so many of us now shopping from international websites, like Amazon and eBay, and cashing in on the cheaper prices available in other countries, the British High Street has been forced to follow our American cousins and begin discounting before, rather than after, December 25th.

As the British economy continues to struggle, with even more stores going out of business, and an altogether lacklustre retail environment, getting customers to spend in the run up to the holidays, is more important than ever.

So it’s clear that what’s left of the High Street wants in, but our British tradition of Boxing Day sales being the time to grab a cut-price bargain has made it hard for many shops to promote big events in-store. They just can’t bring themselves to do it…
So they’ve turned to the internet and use their websites to offer the deals instead.

Hence the terms Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the UK.

It’s actually a bit confusing, because back in the USA, the first day after the Black Friday weekend is known as Cyber Monday. That’s the day in America when electronics stores, computer companies and ,mobile phone providers join in fun and begin promoting their offers.

But don’t let that worry you now. While Cyber Monday UK exists, it’s Black Friday that’s the time to start shopping here, even if you’re after a new laptop, tablet or smart phone. For some reason, the names are getting crossed over, and folks are calling it Cyber Black Friday. No matter, it’s all the same, there’s bargains to be had!

How to Grab a Bargain in the Black Friday UK 2013 Sales

cyber monday ukIn the USA folk begin queuing outside stores during the Thanksgiving holiday to guarantee the cheapest prices, but here in Britain we’re a little more civilised. Rather than pitching a tent outside your local House of Fraser, smart shoppers simply need to stick with us here on the site.

Between now and the big day we’ll be posting Lightning Deals and special offers as soon as we get the word.

But from Monday 25th November for a full month, right up to December 22nd, we’ll be updating adding all the deals in real time.

By bookmarking our site – and updating our deals page, or hooking up with us on Facebook and Twitter, you won’t miss a single deal in this year’s pre-Christmas sales. Check out the hashtag #blackfridayuk for more info.

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