Amazon UK Black Friday Sale Set to Return

Online retailer Amazon looks set to repeat the success of last year’s ‘ Sale’, again and are rumoured to be busy arranging exclusive Black Friday Deals with some of the biggest brands around. As usual, Amazon Black Friday Deals will focus on ‘black box’ goods like games consoles, TVs and computers. But other big names like Agent Provocateur (ultra cool knickers), Seiko (watches) and Timberland (boots and stuff) are all said to be finalising special one week promotions on Amazon.In case you don’t already know, falls on the 25th of November, so start looking for bargains from the 20th as Amazon usually jumps the gun and begins the Black Friday sale on the previous Monday.We’ll be covering all the deals right here on the site, which means you don’t have to spend hours tracking down a bargain by comparing all the Black Friday offers. That makes real sense when you consider many of Amazon’s actually sold out within a few minutes of ‘going live’ last year.As it goes, thousands of people missed out simply because they didn’t know where to look for the best offers. Our mailbox was packed in the run up to Christmas with frustrated shoppers who’d seen a bargain because they’d gone off to do a little more research, look for a better deal or grab their credit card.

By the time they were ready to pay the best Black Friday Deals had quite literally sold out

So despite being hailed a huge success by the lucky ones, the Amazon promotion had gone so well that many shoppers were left with nothing but a blank screen.

In many ways the Amazon UK Black Friday Sale had been a victim of its own excellent marketing campaign.

There’s no doubt about it, the Amazon UK Black Friday sale is an absolute winner and the perfect way to do your Christmas shopping (from the comfort of your own desktop) but it requires a little more thought than your average online shopping trip.We’ve got lots of tips and hints on the sites, along with news of upcoming promotions, sales and special offers.That means you can save plenty of time, stay ahead of the crowd and learn exactly where the bargains are well ahead of the crowd. Perfect if you like saving money, and let’s face it, this year who doesn’t want to do that?

The Amazon UK Black Friday Sale and a whole lot more

So stay tuned, bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, hook up on Facebook or at least check back every few days. We’re the brightest and friendliest online deals site in the UK. We don’t push our offers, we don’t bombard you with emails and ‘no pushy salesmen will call’.We just here to have some fun, grab a bargain and keep you up to date with wicked online retail events like the Amazon UK Black Friday Sale (Oh by the way, did we say it starts on November 25th?). Happy hunting…