Black Friday 2014 in the UK

Black Friday is back, and 2014 looks like being the biggest pre-Christmas shopping event in British history.

Last year the event took off like never before here in the UK and while more retailers than ever joined in, many chose not to, preferring to hold their sales off until after the festive period.

That’s all set to change this year, as the Great British High Street joins major online retailers in offering some massive savings in the run-up to Christmas this year.

When is Black Friday 2014 in the UK

The sales start officially from the 28th November (that’s Black Friday), but the bargains have already started, with heaps of stores offering early-bird sales for savvy shoppers. And online, sites like Amazon will begin their BF sales on the 24th, with their now famous Lightning Deals – time limited discounts of up to 75% on some very big named products like smart-phones, tablets and game systems. Expect the big name stores to jump on board too for 2014, after famous brands like Debenhams and Argos showed last year that even the most established bricks and mortar shops can crack the Black Friday code to boost sales.

UK Black Friday 2014 Offers will last for a full month

Don’t think that Black Friday will only last for a 1 day. While that may be the case in America, here in the UK it has what the retail industry call a ‘long-tail’, so expect the deals to keep on coming right up until the 23rd December, as shops and stores fight for our cash in the run up to Christmas. We’re Britain’s biggest and best Black Friday and Cyber Monday site, and we’ll be with you 24 hours a day between now and Christmas Eve, scouring the web to give you exclusive access to all the offers before they go public.

Hang on, what’s Cyber Monday UK

We’re glad you asked. Cyber Monday traditionally falls on the following Monday (this year it’s the 1st of December) and it’s the day when electronic retailers begin offering pre-Christmas bargains. Now Cyber Monday really is only one day, and despite the fact that it’s not been picked up as readily here in Britain, as it has in the USA, you can still find some amazing deals, especially online.

How do I find UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

That’s easy, just stick with us, follow our Twitter feed at TeamBlackFriday (#BlackFridayUK ) or join us on Facebook at and you’ll receive details of all the best British offers direct to your favourite social network, before they go public.

Happy Black Friday Shopping Great Britain