When is Black Friday 2012

The quick answer, for everyone too busy to read the whole page, to the question ‘When is Black Friday this year is simple…

While early reports claimed Black Friday 2012 would begin on November 30th, it looks like Amazon.co.uk and most other online shops will launch their sales a week earlier, on November 23rd.

The sales have started already of course, so hit the links for plenty of early bird specials.

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Black Friday 2012Black Friday 2012 is on November 23

That’s the day it begins in the States too, but you can expect a rush of pre-Christmas sales from that point right up until the 22nd December.

Each year thousands of shoppers queue for hours, outside their favourite stores, waiting for the doors to open. Once inside the rush is something like the Boxing Day sales on steroids.

The UK tends to follow suit, because it’s a good time to ramp up for the festive sales push.

But things are a bit more sedate here in Britain, and Black Friday sales often resemble Victorian Christmas Carol concerts, rather than mob riots.

There’s still plenty of good shopping to be had though. On and off line, expect bargains galore this year, as the High Street fights for what’s left of our hard earned cash, after we’ve finished bailing out the bankers…

In America it’s quite common to do all your Christmas shopping in one hit, and it really does pay to think ahead and use special offers to cut your costs.

When is Black Friday going to start online?

when is black fridayChances are the same day – November 23rd, but it may well be worthchecking in with us at Black Friday UK from the middle of the month. a We’re expecting a few specialist retailers to start publishing discounts from Monday, so be sure to have your credit cards ready.

When does it all end?

Sounds dumb. But Black Friday deals are usually available for more than one day. Typically sales last a week or so.

But we already know that this year many online stores will be offering deep discounts right up until Christmas Eve.

With the High Street desperate to boost dismal sales in store it’s very likely that many will really push online sales this Christmas. And we’re here to keep you posted, but do remember, it’s strictly first come first served.

Hope that answers the question When is Black Friday 2012 because we’ve noticed it’s been on everyone’s lips this year.

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