Apple UK Black FridayThe Apple UK Black Friday sale has never been a place to save huge amounts of money, and it has to be said, the Apple store doesn’t enter into the spirit by offering decent pre-Chrstmas sales.

But if you really want to save money on a new iPad, iPod or iPhone trusted re-sellers like and Amazon UK, throw up some terrific time-limited bargains year round, especially in the run up to Christmas.

What to expect from the Apple UK Black Friday sale 2011?

Searches for Apple UK Black Friday ipads, as well as laptops and PCs made by Apple, top the list of Google enquiries at this time of year, and there will always be savings and sales available online, so without further ado, let’s take a look at our predictions for this year.

Black Friday iPods

With so many models available, are sure to be all over the place this year, and you definitely should not consider paying the full ticket price on any iPod in the Black Friday sales.

Let’s start with the latest iPod 4th Gen, and only released in September. 8GB versions should start around £140-1£50 going up to £280-£300 for the biggest 64GB iPod 4.

At the other end of the scale, a should see ‘Shuffles’ being flogged off for under £40 and the very dinky new Nanos from a hundred quid!

For lovers of the iPod Classic, Black Friday should see prices easily cut from an RRP of £200 down to between £150 and £170.

Black Friday iPad Deals

First Generation iPads are likely to find their way onto the offer lists this Christmas, with expected to dip below £400 on the 64GB model for the first time.

Discounts should also be available on newer versions, with on the latest 16GB models possibly enjoying discounts of around $50. But we do say only possibly and strongly advise you to check this link daily for the latest offers.

Last year there were no iPad Black Friday deals, because it was a brand new product. But in 2011, with the rise of the Kindle and other tablets now on the market, we’re predicting with between 5% and 10% off.

That’s not much, but it’s better than nothing and many retailers, like Best Buy and , will be ‘bundling’ deals with free iTunes vouchers, software and apps.

iPhone Specials for Black Friday

The best way to find this year will certainly be buying with a contract. The is sure to be on plenty of people’s wish lists this Christmas, but discounts are expected to centre around free apps, iTunes vouchers and accessories.As usual, , especially if you want a contract free Black Friday deal on your new iPhone, as just about every major retailer has a store there these days.

Other Apple UK Black Friday Sale Predictions

Outside of the big 3 sellers, other Apple products are more likely to be discounted this year and we expect an Apple UK Black Friday Sale for the first time.

Elsewhere, the and should be offered at around the 900 mark, while we think .But one of the closest-kept secrets of pre-Christmas sales isn’t Apple’s Black Friday sale itself, but the hundreds of wicked deals on cases, speakers, projectors, docking stations and the hundreds, maybe thousands, of other gizmos and gadgets made specifically for Apple products.

Apple Black Friday Accessories Sale

Best of all, Apple accessories tend to always be on offer, because it’s such a fiercely competitive market that companies are always desperate to sell their wares.