Amazon Black Friday UK The Amazon Black Friday UK sale officially starts on 29th November this year, and the world’s biggest shop is planning 1000s of offers on electronics, fashion, music, film and everything you could want this Christmas.

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Amazon Black Friday UK Explained

There’s been a few changes.
For this year’s Black Friday Amazon UK has ramped up it’s offers, following the huge success of 2012’s week long event. In fact, the Amazon UK Black Friday sale was so popular last time out that many of the deals sold out in minutes, leaving thousands of online shoppers frustrated.
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To make things fairer during the rush on Black Friday Amazon have introduced a new system for shoppers, which will feature a waiting list, for anyone who misses out on the lightning deals first time round, and a limited time to checkout, to prevent buyers hoarding the bargains.

How the Amazon Black Friday UK Sale will work this year

Black Friday deals on amazon

Black Friday on Amazon. How the changes will work

If you want to get in on the Amazon Black Friday sale, the biggest difference from regular online shopping on the site, will be that you only have 15 minutes to complete your purchase.

The upshot of that, is if you miss out on one of the lightning deals, you’ll be added to a waiting list, and have the chance to pick up any uncompleted sales. In 2012 Black Friday on Amazon proved so popular that most deals sold out in minutes, leaving hundreds and sometimes thousands of customers shut out.

That’s why the changes have been made this year.

In fact, the whole idea of a pre-Christmas sale was quickly picked up last year by other online retailers including BestBuyUK, Dell and Apple. And this year it looks like everyone’s getting in on the act.

Just like in the US, thousands of High Street stores, are holding big pre-Christmas sales in an attempt to boost lousy sales figures for 2011. That’s great news for us hard up British shoppers who are facing one of the toughest Christmas holidays in living memory.

In America, where the event is a festive ritual for millions, pre-Christmas sales focus on electronic goods like TVs, toys and computers, but thanks to stores like Amazon, offers on this side of the Atlantic also include clothes, perfumes, household goods and furniture.

Expect deals across all departments during Black Friday on Amazon, and all the way up to the 24th December, by which time if you don’t mind waiting until after the big day for delivery there could be some incredible bargains still available.

On the other hand, if the 2013 Amazon Black Friday UK sale is anything like as popular as it was last year, you could be left with nothing at all and all the bargains will have gone. It’s still too early to say, but either way…

Amazon Black Friday UK will last right up until Christmas Eve

Officially, the Amazon Black Friday UK 2013 sale lasts just 1 week, kicking off on Monday 25th November and officially finishing on Cyber Monday 2nd December. But in reality, with retailers desperate to make up for low sales through one of the grimmest years on record, pre-Christmas sales will be running right up until December 24th.

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